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 Sharon Johnson is a Freelance Equestrian Coach, covering Hampshire, Wiltshire and ALL surrounding counties.
 Rocky x   
 Cledlyn Rocky and Sharon, 2016.
Sharon offers expert equestrian training, enabling riders of all abilities and levels to achieve their goals. I am particularly proud to offer an entirely bespoke service that draws on a lifetime of experience with horses, competing to a high standard across a huge variety of disciplines, underpinned by numerous professional qualifications and affiliations.

My repertoire includes showing at County level, breeding, British Eventing, British Showjumping, British Dressage, backing and producing, and a lot more in between.

Sharon's focus is now on Dressage, fuelled by a desire to see a horse performing movements effortlessly and seemingly without help from the rider. Using this ideology, I work with my riders to help them create this, developing a partnership between horse and rider which follows the "Scales Of Training", ensuring each level is established along the way.

When it comes to Showing, Sharon uses the same philosophy as for Dressage, the horses has to trained to do its job, rather than just look nice! To Sharon there is nothing worse than seeing an uneducated horse in a false "outline" often created with either a pelham or double bridle.

Goal setting is also a passion, developing a pathway which incorporates the individual requirements of each partnership, keeping smaller goals within reach, while the ultimate goal, whatever that may be for each partnership, is always being worked towards.

Much of my understanding has been learnt by doing, working with horses from scratch rather than ready-made superstars, and I am keen to use this experience to help others in their own development, regardless of a riders background or the level a horse is schooled to. This means I understand how important every small step forward is on the way to achieving the ultimate goal.

Sharon is particularly keen to expand her client base on the competition circuit. Join our existing clients in improving your results, develop your partnership with your horse, and fly the flag for Team Johnson!


 Rocky NFS

Cledlyn Rocky 3years old at the New Forest Show 2014.



pepsy @ burghley

None So Dear (Pepsy) @ Burghley Horse Trials                 

Masie Dressage


Monty feb 2012