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    Introducing the new one!

    Having been asked over and over again about “the new one” I thought it best to introduce her formerly!

    Name:Monsoon IV 
    Breeding: British Sports Horse
    Age: 9
    Sex: Mare
    Colour: Bay (obviously!)
    Height: 16.2hh (or thats what my tape measures her at!)

    Monsoon is with me on LWVTB status, having been a fun horse for her owner Sophie, taking part in fun rides, cross country schooling etc, but not competed in anything as yet. 

    I saw her advert on “right horse right home” and was drawn to her immediately, after contacting Sophie we spoke on the phone and I agreed to go view her. It was then that the accident happened at work and I broke my foot, well not exactly good timing! I once again spoke with Sophie and we sadly agreed that it wasn’t to be. 

    Swiftly moving on, the Thursday following my accident I saw the consultant at the hospital, we disagreed on having a cast put on my foot and I hot footed (!) my way out of there dumping my crutches and boot on the way out!! Not my finest moment, but hey, it’s my foot and my decision!

    Fast forward to the Saturday and for reasons only known to the powers that be, i text Sophie again to see if monsoon had been snapped up, and low and behold she had been busy working and therefore no one had viewed her. I asked if I could still go as i now had two feet, albeit not working as well as they should, but at least I could get a riding boot on! Sophie lives away from the yard so a lady called Fiona had been looking after her so we had to organise with her, and I agreed to view her on the Sunday. 

    Dean (my poor suffering husband!) came along for the ride, and although he wasn’t exactly jumping through hoops at the thought of having two horses, the promise of lunch and a drink (or two!) for him on route was enough to convince him all was ok!!

    We arrived in Gloucester and found the yard, a gorgeous place, where Fiona met us, monsoon was in a stable and eagerly awaiting some attention.

    Fiona rode her first so I could make an assessment, I always go into coaching mode! Then I got on, coaching mode still highly engaged, I assessed what I felt underneath me and made a mental plan of the areas to improve, but all the while I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat! This mare was awesome! Very forward (but forwards is a good problem to have!) A good brain, when I suggested some lateral moves she paused for a moment as it to say “what the??” Then tried her hardest to do what she interpreted of my aids. Yes this mare was more than welcome to come home! Forwards and with a brain, what’s not to like?!

    So, Fiona took some video of me riding to show Sophie, and I hoped she would like them. 


    We left the yard and headed to the pub for lunch and to discuss, not that I felt I had much to discuss, but I owed it to dean. 

    I text Sophie to say I’d ridden and I really liked her, then awaited the reply. 

    It was a long 2.5hr journey home wanting my phone to ping! Eventually it did and as they say the rest is history!

    Sunday the 28th October 2018 I borrowed my friends trailer as my lorry is off the road at the moment, and drove to Gloucester to collect monsoon and all her belongings. 

    This was the first meeting with Sophie in person as we’d only conversed over the phone, she was so lovely, emotional about monsoon leaving, totally understandable. 

    We did the necessary paperwork for the loan agreement, then loaded everything up, monsoon walked straight into the box with not a hesitation and off we went. 

    3hrs later we arrived home, she had been an absolute diamond to bring home, never moved all the way. A good start I’d say!


    She settled into her field immediately and we left her to graze. Jazz was very excited to meet his new friend, but I’d taken the precaution of adding extra rows of fencing between them, but as it happened it wasn’t needed.

    Fast forward to the end of the first week and we’ve hacked in company and alone, jumped, schooled and lunged. There have been no worries at all, so so pleased with her.

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    I’ve kept Sophie out to scratch with monsoons life, possibly a bit too much! But I know how it feels to let your beloved horse go, and to know they’re ok is good for the nerves!

    I’d planned to do some Dressage with her by January, nothing spectacular, just to get out and about, but am taking the training day by day and will possibly attend a few clinics etc with her too.

    She’s such a lovely mare and I really am lucky to have found her, so, follow her progress alongside jaspers and fingers crossed for the future for both!

  2. When giving up is not an option...


    After losing my beloved rocky, closely followed by poor harry, I admit I was at rock bottom and couldn’t begin to think of having to go through that immense sorrow again, I sold virtually everything and closed the door. Or so I thought.


    The door was indeed closed, but every now and again there would be a knock at it, and for a while now I’ve put my hands over my ears and tried my absolute hardest to ignore it till it went away. This had worked for a few months, however although I work with horses daily and absolutely love what I do, I even began riding again, there was a huge part of my life missing. 


    My fantastic husband Dean has been an absolute rock and supported me in every way he could possibly think of, trying his best to make sure I was ok, but the truth was, he knew how much I missed my own horses. So we had a chat about the possibility of having another one. Something I wasn’t 100% certain about as I can still today feel the pain of losing them, but once you’ve had horses they are like a disease, they live in your blood and you can push them away but they will always find you!


    I didn’t rush into anything, in fact I tried to convince myself it was a very bad idea, we could now go on holidays, enjoy doing pretty much what we wanted, when we wanted with no physical or financial ties, but it was no good, the need was too strong.


    I tentatively had a look to see what was for sale, around the 16hh, 10 yr old, mark, but literally nothing appealed to me, so one afternoon while I was working in my shop, I thought “I wonder if Lynwen and Huw had anything, or know of anything”, these wonderful people are the same people who I got rocky from, and although I wasn’t looking for anything young they may have known of something older, so I messaged and waited.


    I got a response to say that they didn’t have anything for sale, but did have a colt who they wanted to keep as a breeding stallion later on, but low and behold would let me have him! To say I was stunned was an understatement, this was not what I expected! Then the thought process started: a colt, a yearling, untouched, why would I want to do this again?


    What I haven’t yet mentioned is that this young colt is also Rocky’s half brother!! Same mother but by a different dad. The thought process mulled around my head for some time, keeping me awake at night with the what ifs, questioning my own sanity at times, but Dean kept it real for me, not allowing the negative thoughts to eat away at me like they do. 


    We arranged to go and see him, all the way to West Wales, we did an overnight stay and made a weekend of it. It was so nice to actually visit Lynwen and Huw, it felt like finally we had met after years of knowing each other through Rocky! 


    Lynwen had sent me a couple of pictures and a clip of him moving in the field, but I was adamant this was still going to be a bad idea, until we arrived and I saw him, he was just lovely, feral, but lovely! He’d basically been handled a handful of times and lived with a Shetland colt, apart from that he was a blank canvas.


    We said our goodbyes and made the long drive home, the 4.5hrs seemed like a blur as the whole way I was still trying to say no, no we can’t have another, but I think you know what’s coming....


    Yesterday 5/8/18, we welcomed Cledlyn Jasper to the family! 


    After a couple of months waiting for this moment from when we visited, it’s felt like forever, I never said anything to anyone in fear of it all going wrong. 


    Lynwen and Huw transported Jasper down for us, for which I’m eternally grateful, he arrived happy and settled into his new stable straight away, clearly liking Hampshire hay! 


    The plan is to take each day step by step, when the times right he can go showing, but a future plan is not being made yet, his “job” will determine itself, if he’s a dressage diva then so be it, if he’s a show horse then that’s fine too, I feel like whatever plans I’ve made before they have blown up in my face, so this time we shall wait and see. 


    His pedigree is quite something: 



    Welcome to the family Jasper!