Another hospital stay!

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Another stay in hospital.

Just when things were getting going with Rocky, the weather was turning good and the show season beginning, plans were being made and things were looking good.

Tuesday the 10th of March, I had spent the day teaching and generally doing horsey themed things, including long reining Rocky, it was such a nice day that I decided to give Rocky a quick tidy up before putting him to bed.

As Rocky is growing, he is now just that little bit too tall to reach to brush round his ears without standing on something, so I found a box (our usual block has gone AWOL) and used that to help me reach.
Rocky is such a good boy, he stands very quietly for grooming, and doesn't fuss, so I was quietly grooming away when out of the blue the box gave way!

Previously having had back injuries, I knew landing on my back was of course going to be painful, but I wasn't quite aware of what I'd done.

Rocky was obviously frightened by the collapsing box and the cursing human flailing around on the floor, but apart from jumping when it all happened, just stood with a "what on earth are you doing down there" look on his face staring at me!

I realised I'd hurt myself, and new I needed to rest so managed to put rocky out and got myself home.
After a quick sit down on the sofa I went to move, but couldn't, initial reaction "oh god not again". I rang the NHS helpline who told me to call 999 immediately, which I did and awaited the arrival of the ambulance crew.

As I've been in a similar position before, I had an idea of what was going to happen so tried to organise the children to sort the house out ready. I also called John, my partner, who was getting ready to go out for the evening (oops!!) he came over and between him, the children and the paramedics I was escorted to Southampton General A&E.

It was now nearly 11.30pm at hospital, with lots of nurses, doctors and specialists attending to me, quite something compared to last time when I only had 2 people with me, also a little daunting too.
After several doctors had visited, I was whisked away for emergency MRI scan.

It was now almost 2.30am and I expected john to have gone home as he starts work early, but nope, he was still here waiting for me.
I was taken to the ward shortly before 3am where the nurses were excellent, very attentive and caring.
Eventually John went home, about 3.30 and I was given time to rest.

The following morning the doctors visited again, tests were done and spinal surgeons came to see me, all concerned as I was paralysed.

Over the next few days I was seen by the physiotherapists or the physio-terrorists as I prefer to call them!
Almost a week later I was able to stand up and begin to move my legs, shuffling as opposed to walking, but it was movement, a very strange feeling when you can't feel your feet or legs!

Now a week on and I have been given the all clear to leave hospital with outpatients appointments on the proviso I continue to rest, not try to get back to "normal" too quickly and follow the physio advice.

Anyone who knows me will be aware of my inability to take it easy and rest, as I love both the teaching side of life and my shop, and resting is not in my vocabulary. This is going to be difficult!
What is the first thing I want to do on leaving? Pay mr Rocky a visit and say hello!
I shall then go home and rest.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and offered support.
I shall be back teaching and shop keeping as soon as possible!
Sharon x

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