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Sharon is a brilliant coach, so experienced and her attention to detail and the way she notice’s everything has helped me sooo much. I am now out enjoying BD with my hot headed stressy mare which is something I never thought I’d say but thanks to Sharon’s help and support we are loving it! Not just the support during a lesson either but knowing she’s at the end of a text anytime and always so keen to know my score see my sheet and watch my test means so much


I started training with Sharon last August I had bought a youngster and wanted a trainer that was patient and really liked to start with the basics. We have come a long way in a short time. Sharon explains things very simply and doesn’t overload you. She’s always at the end of the phone when I need advice..I would highly recommend her teaching methods and she is extremely knowledgeable.


Had my first lesson with Sharon this week. I enjoyed her straight to the point approach and look forward to seeing how we can progress with her help


Sharon is a fantastic instructor, understanding both horse and rider and how to get them working in sync with each other. I have had lessons both with my mare who is at elementary affiliated level and my youngster who struggles to do a circle, both of which have come on leaps and bounds, Sharon is great at identifying where we may need to go back to basics so we can then get that little bit further whether it's keeping my naughty left hand still or having them more between my legs. I can't recommend her enough!


Having bitten off more than I could chew with an ex-racer, Sharon came to my rescue about 12 months ago. We are now making so much progress. I would never have managed it alone. Not a minute of lesson time is wasted - we are both physically and mentally shattered by the end! Her advice, hints and tips are invaluable. Thank you Sharon!


Sharon has been so great giving me confidence with my ex racer. I was never a jumper before and she took me right back to basics and help us build together.

Always reliable and a fantastic coach


I started having lessons with Sharon about 6 weeks ago now, I had got stuck as how to unlock my horses ability to improve her dressage. Sharon took us back to basics, and made everything very clear for my horse to understand, and when she became stuck/confused approaching it a different way so she could manage how to do it, allowing her time to build muscle strength before we move onto the next stages. The transformation in her is quite amazing, going from a giraffe like thoroughbred into a dressage diva!!
Sharon’s way of teaching is calm and put across in a way that is easy to understand.


Sharon is undoubtedly the best instructor I have had. She focuses completely on you and getting the best out of you and your horse. I love her training methods - after every lesson I come away feeling confident and with something to focus on. I can’t recommend her enough.

Ruth Burne

I’ve been having lessons with Sharon for several years now, and she is without a doubt the best instructor I’ve had! The change in both me and my horse has been amazing, and she has been so supportive and encouraging throughout our journey.

When Sharon told me she was moving away, I was gutted and hated the thought of having to find a new instructor, but then the idea of virtual lessons came up. During the last 12 months we’ve all become accustomed to the likes of Zoom and Facetime, but a horseriding lesson over a video call? Certainly not something I’d have thought of before, but if it meant I could continue lessons with Sharon I was more than willing to try it!
Despite a few technical difficulties at the beginning, the lessons have gone surprisingly well, so much so that some of our best ever sessions have been over Facetime! I don’t know if its because Murphy doesn’t have the distraction of someone on the ground, but it’s amazing how much we’ve come on over the past couple of months. It’s so easy to do too - I put my phone at C, pop in my wireless headphones and away we go!

I highly recommend Sharon to anyone looking for a new instructor, and to anyone who is missing her since she’s moved - please give the virtual lessons a try, I promise you won’t regret it!


Thank you!