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Product Reviews for March

For March I was sent three more excellent products from my sponsors Nettex.

These were:

My 1st Products was Nettex Seaweed:Seaweed_nutrition_pouch_1_5kg

What are the benefits of feeding seaweed?

Nettex Seaweed is made from pure natural seaweed and contains no additives, which provides the  horse with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which in turn help support the horses skin and coat giving the coat a lovely shine, plus encouraging a healthy hoof growth.

Seaweed also helps cleanse the blood of toxins, regulates hormones and helps the horse cope with stress while supporting the immune system.

The seaweed comes in a re-sealable bag and is approximately 50 days supply for a 15hh horse, and at just £8.95 RRP it is a bargain for the results!


So what did I find?

Well, after not seeing Rocky for 2 weeks due to being hospitalised, it was great to be able to remove his rugs (he has been living out), and see a nice soft, shiny coat, even though he is mid moult!

There has also been a noticeable difference in his hooves, being barefoot his hooves wear down naturally, and the farrier is not normally due for a good 8 weeks, however after a month on the seaweed, he has grown enough hoof to need to reschedule the visit, which would mean he has grown an extra 2 weeks’ worth of hoof!

After not being worked for a couple of weeks, Rocky also appeared to more focussed on his work, and relaxed too, he isn’t a “hot” horse but after a break can be a little “fresh”, but there was no sign of this, and I have heard people say that seaweed has helped their horses focus more, so all I can put this new focus down to is the seaweed!

My experience of feeding seaweed has been a very positive one, and I would urge you to try it for your horse, especially ones with hoof issues or a lack of focus.



My 2nd Product was the Netex All Purpose Vits & Mins. mins_nutrition_pouch_1_5kg

What are the benefits of feeding the All Purpose Vits & Mins?

Nettex has produced a versatile general purpose supplement which meets all the nutritional requirements of all horses and ponies, whether they are competition horses or an older retired horse that requires extra help.

At just £9.99 RRP for over a month’s supply, this really is a great product!

What did I find?

Rocky has been on feed balancers before, but having to ensure I meet his full nutritional requirements, especially as he is still growing and currently beginning his working career, his weight has been inconsistent as he is eating to grow and work, meaning that his twice daily ration was at maximum capacity, leaving no room for extra feed type balancers. Here is where the Nettex All Purpose Vits & Mins comes in very handy, as it is a powder, it doesn’t add extra “feed” to his dinner, but ensures he receives everything he needs.

After a month on the Vits & Mins, he looks and appears better than ever, his weight has maintained even though his work has slightly increased, and he is recovering quicker too, I know that is to do with fitness also, but generally, he is coping far better since being on this brilliant supplesupalyx-garlic-immunityment.


My final product was the Supalyx Garlic Immunity.

What are the benefits of feeding a Supalyx?    

Supalyx are a complete all round molasses based feeding block, available in 2 sizes, which supplements the horses dietary requirements.

At just £6.50 from Kilminsters Equestrian & Pet Supplies Ltd, the 3kg lick will allow your horses free access to essential nutrients.

What did I find?

Rocky is known for demolishing a lick overnight, especially when stabled, which was a concern as I had never given him a 3kg lick before so there was a risk that he would devour the whole thing!

How wrong was I?!

I left the lick in his stable night after night, and in true “lick” form as opposed to “eat it all in one mouthful” as he usually does, the lick was indeed licked, not chewed!

The supalyx are a fairly solid mix, which even with a greedy horse like rocky can be, is hard to get their teeth into and encourages them to lick instead.

The Garlic one I was sent seems to be popular with Rocky, and after a month now, he is only 1/3rd down it, and that is even though it now lives in his field with him, and is subject to our inclement weather, which has not had any effect on the lick at all, unlike some which melt or disintegrate.

Being a complete lick, it would be an ideal accompaniment to owners of horses who are perhaps living out and fed on just a forage diet, horses naturally know when and what they need, so these licks are superb to provide the owner with peace of mind that your equines are receiving a full complement of the necessary nutrition.

The supalyx come in the following varieties in both a 3kg and a 12.5kg:

  • Easy Breather, to help with any breathing issues
  • Garlic, as already mentioned!
  • Nimble, to help joints
  • General Health, a general purpose lick.


Nettex have a wide range of products, all of which work with superb results, once you have tried them, I am sure you will agree.

Sharon and Rocky :)

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