Growing pains.......

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Growing pains…

Spring brought the chance to back rocky and get him going, with the plan of getting him established at a good “prelim” level before turning him away to mature over winter 2014, however you know what they say – all the best laid plans….

Rocky’s training had been going well he was progressing and developing muscle in the right areas, really enjoying himself too, but then ….. a growth spurt … arghhhhh

Rocky Hacking

Being a native and only 3yrs old, it was always going to happen, but rocky seems to have suddenly taken the term “bum high” to new levels!!

Currently his croup stands 2 inches higher than his wither, so to protect and prevent any untoward developments, work came to an abrupt halt, typical as his saddle situation has only just been sorted too! (see this blog re the saddle!)

All youngsters go through growth spurts and it is far from unusual to be so bum high, we just have to be patient and wait. That is not an issue for me as Rocky has a long career ahead, so a small set back now is not a bad thing. The worst part is that Rocky absolutely HATES having nothing to do, yes he has toys, grooming, other equine company etc, but it’s the work he likes, (yes really!)


A rare picture of a "level" Rocky!!


It has been almost 4 weeks since Rocky last did any “work”, and in that time his behaviour has been somewhat questionable! Having always been a laid back kind of young man, to suddenly become, erm, shall we say “lively”, is an unwelcome discovery!



So, having consulted with Physios and other professionals, I have decided to re- introduce some ground work, long reigning etc, slowly and directly, nothing to over work the muscles, simply exercises to engage the brain!


As natives traditionally develop later than say a thoroughbred, it is in the hands of Mother Nature to level Rocky out now, his feeding has been checked and he is receiving everything he needs, but I have to admit I am slightly inclined to want to stand his front legs on the muck heap and pour the gardeners favourite “miracle grow” over him!


So until he is level again, we shall be seen long reigning and walking around the lanes again :)


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