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Nettex Product Review – June 14

For my June products I was very kindly given Nettex Bit Wipes, Fly Repellent Advanced and No Rinse body wash.

As I always do, I gave each item a thorough trial in different situations and here are my thoughts…

Firstly, the “Bit Wipes”.

I was given both the apple and the peppermint, both of which smelt lovely! Bit_white_apple

Initially I was sceptical about having a wipe for the horses bit, after all, is it not easier to simply rinse under the tap after use? Well, quite frankly, no it is not!

The wipes come in a very easy to use tub which separates each wipe, just like a tub of baby wipes do, making them simple, easy, economical and convenient.

Why not use the tap as mentioned? Well, how often does the leather work end up wet? How often do you have water available (shows etc), In the winter when the water is freezing? Yes, I did question the sense in the wipes, but having used them, I can honestly say they are a fabulous invention!

Bit_wipes_peppermintThe flavours can encourage a fussy horse take the bit, increase salivation, and tempt a young horse take the bit the first time.

Rocky being a young horse means it is important he has clean tack and is not rubbed by grubby bits, so the wipes mean that as soon as his work is done, the bit is quickly wiped clean and ready for the next use. After using the wipes for a few days, something I noticed was that on approach to his mouth with the bit, Rocky was actually opening his mouth in search of it, whereas previously I had been using the finger in the corner of the mouth option to get him to open. Well with the wipes the only thing to have been changed, I firmly believe Rocky is very happy with them!

The wipes are so simple to use keeping your horses bit hygienic and fresh.

Great job Nettex, excellent idea :D 


Secondly I had the Nettex Advanced Fly Repellent.

I chose this spray as Rocky has a tendency to attract flies and midges unfortunately, which means he then rubs himself.

The Advanced fly repellent is a DEET based repellent with moisturisers and conditioners for a controlled release, giving up to 72 hours protection. Fly_repellent_Adv_500ml

What did I find?

Well, having used many repellents before, some based on the DEET, I was surprised to find a spray that actually works!

Initially I sprayed Rocky from head to toe, as always, but decided to really put the spray to the test and didn’t put Rocky’s fly rug on, this was the biggest test as within minutes usually Rocky is swishing flies away and rolling with the itching.

I did some yard jobs and watched Rocky to see what may happen….

After an hour I went to see him, and I was very pleased to report that there were flies in the vicinity but not directly on him, meaning he was happily grazing. Great result!

This was morning time, so I decided to leave Rocky rugless and return back in the evening when we are usually over run with midges.

On my return Rocky was waiting for his dinner as always, but quietly stood, not swishing tail, biting, kicking at belly etc, all looked good.

Again, there were flies around, and midges, but although the occasional one made a bid for him, the majority were indeed keeping their distance!

Another thing I noticed was the smell, it has a fairly strong aroma, but not over powering like some of the other DEET based repellents, and it was still noticeable even after 10 hours. Most other products were usually a distant memory after this time, but not this one.

I left Rocky for the night and didn’t reapply the spray, as it is meant to last 72hrs, so I wanted to know!

The following morning I was pleasantly surprised to find Rocky happily grazing again, still no rug, and he seemed happy. The odd fly, possibly more than the previous day, had arrived but still far less than would usually be buzzing around. In actual fact, while I cleared his field, I had more around me than Rocky did!!!

This continued for another day and by the 72hr period was up, I did have to reapply the spray, Rocky couldn’t go longer than about 50 hrs in reality un rugged, but this was a major step forward as usually he is fully rugged and still sprayed twice daily!


So would I recommend this spray? Absolutely, without hesitation. It is great value for money and comes in two very handy sizes, one a

small bottle ideal for travelling and a large one which has lasted and lasted. 

 Fly_repellent_Adv_500ml Fly_repellent_Adv_250ml_0





My third products were the No Rinse Washes.

I was very kindly given the Peppermint one and the Lavender one.

The washes are designed to be used diluted in water to wash off the horse following work without needing to bath the horse.

Firstly I would say these smell sensational! Peppermint_no_rinse_wash_500ml_0

The washes both work in the same way, removing grease, sweat, dirt etc but have properties within them to help the horse in different ways.

The peppermint wash is quite seriously amazing, I used this time and time again on Rocky, as it is a cooling and revitalising wash, which meant that after each work session, he was provided with not just the cool water but also the natural cooling effects of the peppermint too. If you have ever used the human mint washes or shampoo, you will know just how cooling these properties are!

I also used the peppermint wash on my schooling liveries who all work hard at boot camp, meaning they all get a rewarding cool down after work.

Lavender_no_rinse_wash_500ml_0For a horse who may need a little calming, maybe has had a knock or bruising, then the Lavendar wash is the one! This wash leaves you, never mind the horse, feeling relaxed and soothed!

The natural healing effects of Lavender really come through in this wash, after doing pole work and some jumps it is a great way to help the horse recover from any knocks or bangs.





I am a great fan of always washing my horses down thoroughly after work, but have always had to use either plain water, leaving some grease in the coat, or gone for the full blown bath! These washes have been a god send, I can leave every horse worked, washed and comfortable with minimal fuss and less water consumption!

A superb product from Nettex. 100% Recommended.


 Yet again, more excellent products to come from Nettex!





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