The boy is back and looking pretty stunning in his new gear...

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The boy is back… and looking pretty darn good in his new Nettex Rug and Numnahs!

It seems like an eternity since Mr Rocky was ridden, what with his broken saddle, his teeth and in need of some levelling out, finally yesterday we got back to what we do best…. Training..

A few weeks ago we had to put training on the back boiler as he was having a growth spurt and his bottom was somewhat bigger than his withers! This had created a balance issue (obviously!) and he had become tight where he was trying to compensate through the use of other muscles. So Lucy came and worked her magic on him and we left him alone to let his front end catch up!

This was actually good timing as he needed to see the dentist so we fitted all necessary treatments in during this down time.

He was kept ticking over in this time with various long reining work, just enough to keep his brain working and to encourage the use of the correct muscles once he came back to work.

Yesterday was the first time he has been ridden in 6 weeks, and it was like he had never had a day off, yes there were some not so good moments, but some simply AMAZING ones too. Rocky was good before, but after this short spell I feel he has come back even better!

Just as Rocky levelled out (finally), I received a large delivery from my wonderful supporters Nettex, well as always I was intrigued to find out what goodies had arrived…

To my delight, and just in time for the coming shows, I had received a superb rug and two numnahs, along with Fly repellent wipes, eye and nose wipes and whitening shampoo!

I am yet to trial the products but the rug has been modelled and fits like a glove, and the numnahs are ready go!

I cannot thank Nettex enough for their generosity, Rocky is going to be the star of every show!



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