Rocky makes his debut under saddle..

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Rocky’s debut under saddle...

Sunday 21st September 2014, a date I will never forget, for good reasons!

Today Rocky made his debut under saddle at a local show. The show was Cadnam show society’s last show of the year, having heard so much about this show but never having attended, I was told by a client that they ran fledgling classes, specifically aimed at youngsters or for those who may need experience etc..  The fledgling classes meant that Rocky could be ridden in the 2 special classes as a 3yr old.

We arrived early with an hour spare and to find a quiet spot where I could get Rocky ready in peace. Rocky arriving at Cadnam

As always we had a wander around the show field, showing Rocky the tents etc, as usual he wasn’t at all fazed!

Checking out the showground




John had gone to enter us while Steph, my groom for the day, helped me get Rocky ready, I had a feeling I should let him have a little stretch of his legs on the end of the lunge, good job I did with the antics he

decided to show everyone! Hmmm how is this going to end?..

. Lungeing at Cadnam        This is what he thinks to his ring...



Eventually I decided the time was right to get on and ride him, as the field was so big it was great to be able to find quiet places to have a trot and canter.

 Ready to go..


Rocky warmed up exceptionally, even threw in a flying change when I shifted my weight and leg aid accidentally, ok Rocky, did you go reading those dressage books again eh?!



We waited outside our arena while the class finished, Rocky watching it all absorbing it. Then it was our turn....

I went in first, well someone has to!

There were a few of us in the class, I believe 6, the most Rocky has ever ridden with is 2, ok, lets just focus and keep going.


We were asked to walk and trot as a ride, then we were lined up in no specific order, where I ended up being 2nd to do our individual show.

As this class was just walk trot and change of rein, I didn’t feel too much pressure, only that of how Rocky may feel about the other horses trotting next to him, but as always he never put a hoof out of place, he was angelic, even stood as quiet as a church mouse in the line up, never even thinking about moving.

We were the only 3yr old there under saddle, the other competitors in the class were 4yrs and up so I didn’t expect a placing, however we ended up 4th! WOW I was over the moon, not only had he answered every question and behaved impeccably but he had a ribbon too!!

The next class was a proper showing class, walk, trot and canter. This was the one I had mixed feelings about, over the past few weeks I have worked hard on establishing the canter buttons so today was what this class was all about, will Rocky handle cantering in a group and will we get canter on asking?

Not so many came forward for this class, but there was plenty of competition as the others were once again older and more established.

The group ride was lovely, walk trot and canter were very much installed and ready to be used on both reins, the other competitors were cantering around us but Rocky simply got on with it.

Our individual show was good, both canters bang on and even managed a change of lead through trot across the diagonal with no issues.

We were sent back out while the judge made her decisions....

I was thinking possibly 3rd but then the steward pointed to me, OMG Rocky had only gone and WON!!!

lap of honour

I could not have smiled more, and on receiving the rosette the judge said how super he had been produced and what a good future he has ahead of him.

We went forward for the overall championships, just for experience, music etc, Rocky was happy to do more group work and line up. We didn’t get anywhere in that, but I never for a moment thought we would.


The practice and effort before today was worth every ounce of effort, I would have been happy to have just stayed on board and had a “good round” but to be placed and then win was more than I could have dreamed of!

Couldn’t be prouder of my stunning clever 3yr old!


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