Review of Nettex Hoof Gloss..

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Nettex Hoof Gloss..

Having used traditional hoof oils and lotions and potions for the show ring for many years, some more successfully than others, it was a refreshing change to try something different, a spray gloss!

As Rocky has 3 white hoofs and 1 black it has always been a case of applying different coloured oils to blend in, but with the gloss it doesn’t matter as it does all colours! Yipee!

There is also the advantage that if the spray gets on the hair, as oils always seem to do, it doesn’t leave a mark or discolour it. Hoof Spray

The shine it provides is not an “in your face” type shine that I have seen with some products before, the shine is more like a highly polished hoof wall.

Happily the gloss doesn’t attract grass clippings or arena surface which sticks like glue either! 

Overall, a very easy to use, economical and practical,highly recommended addition to all showing kits!



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