Bovington 1DE

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What a big improvement on Larkhills attempt! Bovington was a great day out for all, appart from the 4am start! Eric was much better this time, our scores don't really suggest so, however it was his behaviour that was the best, 42 dressage, he was quite tense again but no where near Larkhills tension, 4 faults showjumping, a great course but Eric just brushes number 4 with his front toe and there went that pole! and 9.8 faults cross country, the course was very winding and had 2 water jumps so with such a long striding horse and very short turns we tried our best but not quite supploe enough i think! Never mind though, he did so well, as did my grooms for the day Jamie and Tara, both who never actually believed that 4am actually existed! Team Kilminster did VERY VERY well...

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  1. Shirley Farr

    Wish we were there too! Well done Team Kilminster and Eric (of course!!)

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