Rocky does Dressage - Again!

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Rocky does Dressage…. Again…

It has been a few weeks since we last ventured out, and as I was riding a client’s horse at Woodington Training Centre, I thought it only fair that Rocky went too!

We entered Intro A (again!) as we are not quite ready for Prelim in competition just yet, and then my other horse was entered in the Prelim 18 class.

We arrived early to ensure no rushing was necessary, and in fact had an hour to our time, so Rocky stood as quiet as a church mouse tied to the trailer munching on his Equilibrium VitaMunch for quite a while before tacking up.

Perhaps I should have been a bit suspicious of this church mouse, as once tacked up and mounted appeared to turn into a raging bull! Flipping Norah, we could have been doing a GP with the Piaffe, Passage and lateral movements, and that was just getting to the warm up!!

Having my fabulous trainer Karen’s voice in my head I knuckled down (and sat back!) and put Rocky in his “Box” a term we use to focus him, nothing bad, just a “we are doing XYZ…” rather than allowing Rocky to do his own thing! We spent a fair while working on suppleness and submission, along with transitions to keep him listening. All the time Karen was sat on my shoulder with her words of wisdom running through my head which helped enormously when Rocky decided that actually today being that boring flat stuff was far too boring and wanted to go jumping (that was our last outing), so he decided to make life a little entertaining, having put him in his “box” he wanted to air his opinion on not wanting to be in said box, and after trying to use imaginary goblins to spook at, unsuccessfully, decided the only way he was going to be heard was to attempt to stand up and wave to everyone!

Immediately Karen appeared in my head and instead of thinking oh ****** here we go, I simply gave him a “positive” leg aid and much to Rocky’s disgust we were on our way again. Seriously, whoever had swopped Rocky for this one was having a real laugh!!

Our time came, we entered the arena, the bell rang, we went down the CL and…. Well, the real Rocky returned, a decent test was ridden with a few mistakes and tense parts, but overall we had another outing under our belt, albeit a slightly hair raising one for the first 30 minutes!

The test can be viewed here

Oh yes our score, well I am absolutely delighted to say we got a 5th place with 69.57% and some absolutely fabulous comments.

Then Bella was next up, Jan her lovely owner had got her ready and it was just down to me to get her warmed up ready.

Bella hasn’t been anywhere for a long while, although she has been to Woodington previously. I have only ridden her once in the last week and never in competition so it was a case of ride by feel.

She warmed up beautifully, really on the aid and totally the opposite to a certain bay cob!!

Our time arrived and away we went. She was tense for the first few movements and didn’t really soften, however as we got going she settled beautifully and tried so hard for me, she was a diamond.

Our test can be viewed here:

The score was 65.24% and 10th place which we were over the moon with, such a lovely welsh cob.

Oh, did I not mention that Bella is Welsh Cob too? Yes, it was a welsh kind of day, and a very very good one at that!

I shall not be leaving it so long before our next outing again as I think that is what will help Rocky in his education, I just need to make time for it in my very busy schedule!!

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