XC Clinic a huge success

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XC Clinic's a huge success
The cross country clinic today was fab, although the same could not be said about the weather!!!
There were two groups today which had a range of ages and abilities, but they have all succeeded in improving different aspects of their XC and the riders have developed a much safer and effective way of riding XC.
As Hoplands EC is closing at the end of June 2010, I am trying to take advantage of the facilities and offer a variety of training clinics for all riders before it is too late!
A big thank you to all involved today, espescially parents as you have to stand around and just watch, at least the riders, horses and I were so busy we didn't notice quite how cold and wet it really was out there, although, it was better for the afternoon slots.
It's always nice to meet new riders and your lovely horses (and ponies), and to make an improvement in a short space of time, even if you don't take everything on board, hopefully you will take away chunks of useful information to help you further your riding.
The next clinic is 12th June 2010 @ Hoplands EC for Show jumping, see you there......

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