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After a really successful start to 2015 with Rocky, things have taken a dramatic turn of luck.

During a run around his paddock one morning, he slipped and fell heavily on his side. When he got up and trotted off it was clear he wasn't 100% right to me. I checked him over and found nothing apparently "wrong" but gut instinct said there was, so I gave him a few days to recover and see if anything materialized.

Over the course of a few days there was noticable stiffening in the hindquarters and some swelling/heat, so the vet was called.

Nicola (the Vet) watched him move and agreed with my initial thoughts, the fall had indeed done something, what, we didnt know. So after 10 days on Bute and steroids, Nicola asked my excellent Physio Alex came to see him and see if she could see or feel anything. Alex was also with our thoughts, further investigations were indeed required, so a referral to Liphook Hospital is currently underway to investigate further.

Poor Rocky, he didn't deserve this, and I shall do everything within my power to get him back on track! In the meantime he has received lots of fuss, carrots and even get well soon messages!!

Watch this space for updates...





 I was (lucky?!) to see this happen as I had the benefit of knowing what was wrong when I came to w

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