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Another Guinea Pig session Eric and I attended at Hoplands EC again yesterday, 7th June. Frances rang on Friday and asked Eric and I if we could attend at short notice to "guinea pig" again for the UKCC for Caroline Moore on Monday, well thankfully I tend not to teach on Monday's so for Eric and I it was no problem, I did feel very proud that we had been asked back again after last times problems!
We were asked to do flatwork @ 2pm for Caroline for about 45mins, no problem, we were there ready and willing by 1.50pm.
I shared the indoor arena, wow what a beautiful arena that is, with another "guinea pig", and was given "Ruth" as my coach for the session.
Ruth asked me about Eric and what I did with him etc, same answers given as before! Then I was asked to go about my warm up, I used the same routine as before and Eric was really "up for it", he likes the indoor arena as it reduces his pollen effects which help us both concentrate better. After about 10 mins Ruth began to "coach" us, asking us to work into a deeper frame and to allow more with my elbows and lower arm, well after having "seat bone" work drilled into me from Sorrel, I think I had forgotten how to use my upper body so it was really good to have a new fresher look at my position and it immediately effected the way Eric was going, for the better, I had to remember to let my elbows become elastic and that in turn let Eric become elastic through his whole body, that really felt great. Following transitions in the deeper frame, I was asked to work him into the bridle a lot more, remembering to be elastic, and wow, Eric really was "pinging" off the floor, he had more impulsion, he was light in the contact, tracking up and forward, all this from a few minor issues with my position!!!
On the down side, Eric's saddle was checked and it is now too wide for him so I will have to scrape together enough money to buy him a new one, after all we are all asking our horses to work well for us, so it seems fair to allow the horse to do it in comfort.
At the end of our session I was asked by Caroline what I had been taught and if I had understood everything, yes was my answer, the other pupils there were all involved in the feedback given and they all noticed a huge change in Eric and me so thats got to be good!
I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Ruth and would love to do it again.
Thank you Frances, Caroline and Ruth.

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