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During a busy day in the shop my phone rang, nothing unusual there, except it was from the BHS Southern committee asking if I would consider attending the Bursary day, to be held at Wellington Riding. My reply was, erm, yes, what's the catch?! I was informed that only 6 trainers had been chosen and I was one of them, the day was going to be free, but we were going to be "assessed" on our coaching ability, and the winner would have their BHS ITT exam paid for them. As I had been considering moving my qualifications forward, I agreed to attend.

On the day, I arrived and was greeted by Alison, Hannah Marsh and Jo Winfied FBHS, who introduced me to the other candidates, all of who were delightful and made my arrival feel less scary!

The day was broken down in to several lessons, including 1-1 Jumping, 1-1 Dressage, Group grid work, Group flat work and a lunge session, a proper reminder of the BHS Exam system for me!!

We were all assessed and at the end of the day, I was expecting to be sent home and have results sent to us in the fashion I am used to, but no, we were asked to go get a drink, have a chat and then we would be called in one by one to be "interviewed" and given the results! Oh wow, I felt like a candidate on The Apprentice!!

After a very nervous wait I was called in, no one knew anything at this point, it was all secretive, so off I went, feeling like a lamb to the slaughter, after all it was a few years ago I last sat a BHS Exam!!

In the room I was asked about my future plans, how I want to grow my own business and how the Bursary would help me, then after what felt like years, but was actually only about 10 minutes, I was told I had been chosen as a runner up and had indeed won £100 to pay for further training! 

It was hard returning to the group showing no emotion, I was delighted!

The lady who won thoroughly deserved it, and the other lady who shared the £200 runner up prize was equally pleased to have been joint 2nd.

I aim to use the Bursary to further my own training, so that it can be passed onto my fabulous riders!

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  1. Milly

    Fabulous achievement Sharon and well deserved. Lucky and I can testemont to your superb teaching and training ability. You helped give confidence to a sensitive young horse through the whole backing prosess and self belief and encouragement to an older nervous rider. Onwards and upwards.

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