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Review of the Nettex Limited Edition Blueberry Range.


I recently received the Blueberry range from my super supporters Nettex and was thrilled with it!


The bucket consists of:


Blueberry Coat Shine:

Blueberry_coat_shineAn absolute grooming kit necessity! Not only does the coat shine lift dirt and grease, it adds a fantastic gleam to the coat, I also use it prior to clipping as it helps the blades cut through the coat so easily.







Blueberry Plaiting Spray: 

Blueberry_plaiting_sprayA versatile spray which I have found very useful for my native show ponies, who’s manes can be a bit unruly as they are not plaited, when bathing I apply a quick spray when the mane is clean, then comb it through when dry, the spray does brush out easily, but unlike conditioners it tames the mane at the same time as leaving it tangle free, another application before the show and the mane is given a naturally flowing, not bushy, appearance.

I obviously use the spray for plaiting too, but have found it superb for laying the tail before applying tail bandages, when the bandage is removed, the tail lays beautifully flat and looks natural, unlike some sprays I have used in the past.





Blueberry Conditioning Shampoo:    


WOW, this shampoo is my firm favourite! Not only does it leave the coat silky smooth (not slippery!) but the base colour of the coat is naturally enhanced too, Rocky gleamed after he had a bath in it, oh, and smelled divine!


Blueberry Mane and Tail Spray:

Blueberry_mane_and_tailHaving natives, you would think it would be easy to groom them, however, anyone who owns one will tell you the density of the mane and tail is immense! I regularly use the Nettex Mane and Tail Spray on all the equines, therefore know the product works and keeps the mane and tail tangle free for quite a while. The Blueberry Mane and Tail Spray is no different, providing all the performance of the standard Mane and Tail with the added bonus of a lovely scent!







Finally, a handy Sponge and a sticker sheet, all contained in a very handy and reusable bucket!



All the products are, as you would expect, exceptional quality and perform to 5* level, with the added bonus of a fantastic scent of blueberries!

All this for approx £20.00, a bargain! Great job Nettex!





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