Filming with Equestrian Pro TV!

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Filming with EquestrianPro.TV…..



On the 2nd of August 2016, Rocky and I featured in a training video for EquestrianPro.TV, a company who create unique training videos, filmed on location at some of the top dressage yards in the country and brought to you through EquestrianPro.TV’s website, enabling the viewer to access hours of training ranging from backing and lunging to watching how the professionals school their own horses up to Grand Prix, alongside interviews with the riders, judges and breeders, giving an amazing insight into the world of dressage.

On the morning of the filming I admit to feeling a little sick with nerves, after all this was something way outside my comfort zone! However, I feel so strongly about my own training philosophy and how I get the results from my clients and my own horses, I wanted to share it, and what better way than with a company who offer this?! Mark was professional and reassuring, which helped the nerves settle before we got started.



I had two of my clients join me for the filming, showcasing my coaching, and obviously Rocky for the ridden section. My clients were amazing and showed how lateral work can help with a horse who tends to hollow and disconnect the hind leg, and the other one was quite “hot” and spooky, so gave the chance to showcase how to deal with these issues by being calm and quietly positive, resulting in the horse becoming more relaxed and focussed on the rider, rather than the mystery ghosts, for anyone viewing these videos, I felt they show the “everyday” issues riders face, and with the right training, how to control and improve from them.

Sharron_Kilminster_1                                  EPTV3

Rocky was a little star, showing how I deal with his worry and tension in the walk using ¼ pirouettes to control his shoulders, and working on perfecting the rhythm in the trot to help his brain settle, he provided me with some great work considering there was a cameraman in the corner of the school!


After the ridden parts, I had a short interview with Mark and a photo shoot showcasing my top yard items, from my beloved Nettex Valegro range, MacWet Gloves, Aubiose Bedding, to the EquiAmi,  Back On Track Rug and the Equifeast feed.

The videos are now live on EquestrianPro.TV’s website:

The day passed by in what seemed like a nano second, and was thoroughly enjoyable, contrary to how I felt in the morning! I can’t wait to do it again!!



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