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This is another proud blog for me, One of my regular cliens, Nicki Strong has been out and about once again, has now proved that it is not just SJ that she and her beautiful horse Willo can win!
Yesterday, 16th October, I had my first day off in a long time, and knew about Nicki's entry at Dene Farm XC, I had plans to go and watch, just for fun, as it had been so long since I had just been a spectator!
Mid morning I received a phone call from Nicki asking if I was still off for the day, yes I replied, then a shy comment that Wayne, her partner and transport driver! Had been called to work unexpectedly and she had no one to tow the trailer, well it was me to the rescue, not only was I going anyway, I got to drive the lovely Elvis, the 4x4!!
So off we went, I left Nicki to jump the practice jump a few times while I set off to walk the course and get the best views, and did I ever get the best views! We had a training session around this course a few weeks ago and knew willo could be sticky at a couple of the jumps, but when I saw Nicki thundering up the hill from the start, I had a certain proud lump in the throat and Willo was so smooth over the jumps, clearing them with just enough room but the rythm was totally amazing, wow, now if there was a fine example of how to ride XC, then this was it!
Now obviously we could only see a few of the jumps, and clearly Nicki would get to the finish quicker than me!
After rushing to the finish, sure enough there they both were, and looking happy! How was it then? Well, clear but it didn't feel all that fast, so I told her that I thought the rythm was very good and due to him jumping out of his rhytm, there was nothing to say he hadn't gone too slow.
Well we waitied for what felt like an eternity but the results were late, willo was tired and we decided to go home and get the results later.
Sat eating my dinner the mobile rang, it was Nicki, totally elated, and quite rightly so, not only had they won the class but they were 2 seconds to the optimum time! Wow, that was such good news, so it goes to show, you may not be the fastest, but if the rythm is kept and the horse jumps out of the rythm, anything is possible.
Now the only problem is, I apparently have to go to EVERY event as I am the good luck charm!

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