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Firstly apologies for being so quiet lately; you may or may not have heard that I've not been too well, and have actually been in hospital for most of June and some of July!
Following a fall from a horse I was taken into hospital and during my stay I developed some very nasty blood clots which luckily I survived, however it has left me unable to ride. Not what I was hoping for!
In true Sharon style I didn't dwell on the fact that I could no longer ride, instead I put my own mantra into practice and found my Positive Mental Attitude, so vital in these circumstances and said, ok, so, what CAN I do? I can go back to breeding and showing my welsh mountain ponies, that's what I CAN do!
So from my hospital bed I contacted a few people who in turn put me in touch with various people, and the results from this was 2 fabulous ponies, a 3 yr old chestnut Filly called Lovins Valkyrie, and a lovely broodmare called Boothsdale Dawnus who is actually in foal for next year.
After a week of being home, Valkyrie was delivered, wow, what a lovely pony! Dawnus is currently with her breeder in North Wales, and is expected home on the 8th August.
Lovins Valkyrie Lovins Valkyrie
Boothsdale Dawnus
                                                Boothsdale Dawnus
Obviously before this happened I had just taken on a second horse, Porridge, who was to be retrained for dressage along side my beloved Monty, and with a very heavy heart, had to say goodbye to both, these two horses would have been easy to have kept on and just had as pets as I loved them both to pieces, however, they are both extremely talanted horses and need to be out doing what they love - working.
Monty has been extremely lucky and has found a new mum called Amber who loves him as much as I did, and has been out showjumpingMonty and Amber already, such a nice end for him, porridge has also a new mum and she is currently being enjoyed by her.
Thankfully I am almost recovered from my antics, and am fully back to work, which I have to admit was a welcome return, I miss my clients!

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