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In my last blog I wrote about how the Jamaras Stud had been reborn, and the arrival of the gorgeous Val, and we were awaiting the arrival of Boothsdale Dawnus, I am now pleased to say we have had a successful journey to the North of Wales and collected Dawnus direct from the Boothsdale Stud, and how I did not bring a lot more back is still a mystery!

My very good friend Montina very kindly agreed to tow the trailer and share the driving with me, as I was unsure if my body would allow me to drive constantly for the 6hr journey there and 6 and a half hour journey home again.  We set off at 7am from Andover with my faithful friend Missy - my dog, and my two excited children, arriving in the stunning surroundings of Wales at 1.00pm. The journey was straight forward and although long, was good.

Boothsdale PoniesOn arrival at the Boothsdale Stud we were awestruck by the scenery, a group of ponies grazing happily under a big tree, it was like a picture postcard.







We were greeted by Rosie Wilson and her dad who couldn’t have made us more welcome, and their home is just to die for! So many rosettes and sashes decorating the rooms, pictures of their beloved ponies covering the walls, it was beautiful.

Our first stop was to meet our new recruit Dinky, she had been bathed and trimmed up and was far better than any picture could ever do her justice, oh yes, I knew I had made the right decision!Boothsdale Stud Dawnus





Tillybo MerlynWe also met Tilybo Merlyn, the stallion, and he was also in the wow stakes!!







After our refreshments which were very kindly provided by Rosie, we were taken on a tour of the stud, oh my, we were in heaven!

The ponies were all very inquisitive and my daughter was taken in by a certain little foal called Diamond Jubilee, ironically the very same foal I had also had my eye on, but not only had Tara been taken in by her, it seemed DJ had also taken a liking to Tara, so yes, you guessed it, we are currently waiting to see what happens next there!

Boothsdale Stud ponies


After a couple of hours spent with at the stud, we loaded Dinky up and began our journey home, with many stops along the way to ensure Dinky was doing well. She travelled like a dream, and 6.5hrs later, we arrived home, tired but very happy. Dinky went out to graze and has been an absolute delight in every way since. 

Thank you to Rosie for allowing us to have Dinky, she is super.


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