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I am often asked to keep my eyes open for a client when they are searching for a new horse, so a few weeks ago while I was still recovering from my accident, I was asked to search for a cob for someone.

I browsed various sites and saw a few possibilities, but was struck by one picture in particular. This was a far cry from the older ridden cob requested by my client, this was a yearling Welsh section D!

The picture alone had made me stop and look, it was like viewing my beloved and very much missed pepsy as a foal again, a strange goosebump type feeling happened, however, I had my challenge for my client and continued my search.

An hour later I had drawn a blank on a suitable cob, and was about to switch the laptop off, but I HAD to view that cob again, his image had been with me from that very first moment.

I found the image, saved the link, viewed again, tried to put it out of my mind but no, I couldn’t do it. I found myself dialling the number on the advert, heart pounding from the “what ifs” and the “you are mad, what are you doing” , then a welsh gentleman answered the phone and before I knew anymore, I had agreed to buy him!!

Yes it was absolute madness, I have lots of experience with youngsters, backing, training, you name it, I have done it, but this was going to be a big challenge!

He was currently running wild on the welsh hills, Lampeter area, how was I going to get this boy home? What was I going to do with a colt? Well, the answers spoke for themselves really, I couldn’t keep him entire, so the vet was booked for the following morning after his arrival, my very good reliable transporter “Horses in Motion” were booked to collect him, I will do lots of groundwork with him until such time as he is able to be broken, and he will be shown in hand. He has superb breeding and his future should be showing.

So with all these things booked, I had to endure a nervous wait for his arrival, as I had only seen a picture of him and that as it turned out wasn’t even a recent one!

At 7pm on the 13th August 2012 Cledlyn Rocky arrived, nervously I opened the lorry and peered in, half shut eyes as I was worried he was going to be completely the opposite to what I had in my mind!

Steve (Horses in Motion), said, don’t open the partition as he isn’t tied up, ok, why is he untied I asked, because he’s never been tied up before! OK I see, I really do have a yearling with no handling at all! Good idea this wasn’t it, I thought!!

Well he was wearing a headcollar at least, so i squeezed in with him, he backed away but had nowhere to go, so I clipped on the rope and we opened up the partition, this was my first actual viewing of my new boy, and I was far from disappointed! What a yearling!! My worries were gone in a flash, I now had a big boned, very handsome, big moving, inquisitive young man!

Rocky on arrival


He had travelled for 7hrs in the lorry, shared part of his journey with an in season mare, had a headcollar applied, and was as relaxed as an older horse. In actual fact, just to see what his reactions were like, we walked up the ramp and back onto the lorry just to see and he did it with no problem whatsoever, yes, I had made another good decision!

As for the clients search, she changed her mind and bought a warmblood after all that!

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