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We started our showing campaign once again on Bank Holiday Monday, 27th August 2012.

We had Val and Dinky both entered at the local show, Littleton Horse Show, a highly attended show incorporating in hand and ridden showing, dressage and working hunter classes.

Unfortunately Val picked up a minor injury and was unable to attend, so it was down to Dinky to fly the flag for us.

We were entered in the mixed M&M class, which was well supported. I have to admit to feeling nervous as this was the first time in over 6yrs I had set foot in the ring with a pony! I needn’t have worried though, Dinky knew exactly what was required of her and we sailed through our performance.

Dinky show


With it being a mixed class there were various breeds being shown, from highlands to Shetlands, all of which had to be registered. There were a few welsh section A’s and it felt good to be part of the group.

Dinky performed brilliantly, and showed herself well. The judge was very watchful of our performance and we were one of the few who he actually watched run right to the back.

After everyone else had done there show, it was a nervous wait for the final results, we seemed to walk around for a long time while he debated his winners, and eventually he made his choice, the winner was the Highland youngster, I have to say, he was a stunning Highland! Then the second place was given to a Shetland, not everyone’s “cup of tea” however, again, a worthy placement for the breed, then as I was thinking we hadn’t got anything, we were called into 3rd place, yes, our comeback was in the ribbons!!

On awarding us the rosette the judge commented that he really liked dinky however thought she needed a bit less weight. Well, we are working on that!

We went home feeling very proud and having now done the first show, cannot wait for our next!

 Dinky final position

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