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We have been out showing again!

On the 18th November 2012 The Southern Counties Welsh Pony and Cob Association held their Foal show at Sparsholt College, Hampshire. Although titled “foal show” it was an open show for members, of which we are, for welshie’s of all ages and sections, including part-bred’s, both in hand and ridden.

We entered Rocky and Val, having had a disastrous season trying to get Val ready, and owing to an abscess we couldn’t find, she had a somewhat quiet season!

Val was entered in the 3 yr old section A, filly class, while Rocky was in the yearling section D class.

As section A’s usually show before the D’s, we had time to get Rocky ready and leave him in the trainer, while Val was on show.

Val was an absolute dream to prepare, load, travel and stood like an angel once we arrived, “is this the Val we own” I thought, or is she thinking about it all, after all it has been a while since she was at a pony party! Val’s class was due to begin, we were there finally in the ring, and wow, did she show herself, what a pleasure she was.

You can see her show here:

We came 2nd, the winner was a pony who I have watched for the season, a Blanche Springbourne colt, and what a pony!

The judge said, the only reason you are 2nd not 1st, is that she is still a little narrow in front, but is maturing well, once she is fully mature, “she is champion material”. A very happy day for us!

Then it was the turn of rocky, with him being so well behaved in his first show, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but, I wasn’t ready for the rocky who came out the trailer let’s say, oh my, he was full of himself, we walked calmly to the collecting area, where he squealed, leapt, pawed and generally acted like a stallion! Well, ok, he is only a yearling, but a big one at that!!

Anyway, we went in the ring, he was just overwhelmed by it (it was indoors too), his behaviour was just pure excitement. He isn’t nasty (thankfully!), but being so big, he still doesn’t have much spatial awareness and on several occasions, I did expect to be stood on!

We finished 3rd, not too bad, and the judge said he was a lovely boy, and I deserved the rosettes for hanging on to him! Once he relaxes his action is better and he is not so short behind (caused by silliness and tension), so he is hoping for a better show next time.

Here is Rocky’s show:

Overall, it was a mixed day, but a happy one, Val showed her potential, which I always knew was there, and rocky just wanted to play, but he will improve as he gets used to attending parties!!

These are our awards from the day: Rosettes from Sparsholt WPCA

We haven’t done too bad this season, only 1 outing where we didn’t bring home a rosette, so fingers crossed, we continue our run for The Jamaras Stud.





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