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Christmas Fun Event

We held our festive Christmas event today, and what a time we had!

The event was purely for fun, no prizes, although the competitiveness of the participants was questionable! Christmas dress was optional, with some dressing themselves and their equines in very fetching festive attire!

The afternoon began with the accumulator which was 6 jumps, all given a value ranging from 10 for an easy cross pole, to 60 for a “skinny” jump.

The participants had 3 minutes to jump as many of the jumps as they could, some going for just the high value, others using a variety, but all doing very well.

Our winner accumulated a massive score of 1030!

Following the accumulator, we had the “puissance”. Again, the competitive streak came alive, and the winner, our very own Nicki Strong, won on a height of 1’22”, however this was closely fought contest with 4 going into the final round!

It was then time to turn the fun right up to 11 with the games!

Split into 2 groups we began with simple slower paced games, then threw caution to the wind and picked up the pace, with games such as relay races, bending, canter to the end - gallop back jumping a jump on the way, walk -trot -canter -lead -which was hilarious! That was when we started to see just HOW competitive they were!! The horses loved it too, some becoming rather over exuberant to say the least!!

Finally we held our block elimination, starting with 6 blocks, each rider jumped in turn, with each round a block was removed making the jump narrower, with each refusal or run out the field narrowed, until our winner was found, another Team Kilminster rider, Bee Wall, finishing strongly over one block stood on its end!

The event was a huge success, everyone enjoyed themselves, and even though some riders travelled from as far away as Bournemouth, I think they would agree - it was worth it!

This was our last event for 2012, so it was so good to finish the year on such a fun note.

I would like to thank every single person, from riders to “grooms”, for their participation,  help and support today.

From all at Kilminster Equestrian Ltd, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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