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Review of Februarys Products from my wonderful Sponsors Nettex;


My 1st Product was Nettex gut Balancer: gutbalancer_1_5kg

Having a horse on box rest as I did, it is paramount that the gut remains in a healthy working order to prevent impactions and the dreaded colic.

The Gut Balancer was introduced after a few days of box rest, when a noticeably reduced amount of gut function was clearly beginning, even though feed was kept to a minimum and ad lib good quality hay was provided.

After just 24hrs on the Gut Balancer, the droppings returned to their usual colour and frequency, and Maisie appeared noticeably happier.

 The Gut balancer is also very palatable, unlike some gut balancers.




My 2nd product was the Nettex Calmer Maintenance powder:  Calmer_maintainance_powder_1kg

Being on box rest can be a stressful time for a horse, so to keep stress levels reduced, the maintenance powder was added to the feed, not to “dope” Maisie, purely to help keep stress at bay.

The powder contains 2 types of magnesium to achieve a rapid but long lasting effect, but what I liked about it was didn’t “dope” Maisie, it just took any edge off that may have built up.

A superb calmer that really works.






My 3rd Product was Nettex Seven Day Mud Away:

Well, what can I say about this?!! It is simply amazing!Seven_day_mud_away_500ml_0

I used this on Rocky, as he was out (Maisie on box rest!), Rocky being the hairy welsh who likes to imitate a mud wallowing pig!

I sprayed his head and extremities with this spray once, and to be honest, was a little sceptical, given all the rain and the amount of mud, I thought it would maybe last a few hours. How wrong was I!
I brought Rocky in that night and quite simply couldn’t believe my eyes, not a scrap of mud on his head, legs or belly! (Other parts covered by rugs).

The only mud was on his feathers where I had not sprayed. Having used other sprays, i.e. coat sprays made from silicone (mane and tail detangler types), and not had any success, I can honestly say, Seven Day Mud Away WORKS!

Rocky has only needed 2 applications of the spray, unlike other products, so this is not only a brilliant product, it is economical too!

When the spray is coming to its renewal, the mud begins to stick a little, but literally falls off with the lightest brushing.



I shall never go back to using any other products now, having found the best, why would I need to?





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