Rocky meets the floods...

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Rocky visits our flooded village...



Yesterday was such a beautiful day, (well the morning was anyway!) Rocky did some superb work on the EquiAmi, then had a short long reining session around the arena, still wearing the EquiAmi as this helps him use himself.


We then went for a walk around the village.  


Our village has been hit quite hard by the recent floods and most of the roads have been closed, which meant that there are a lot of road signs, sandbags, traffic lights, water pumps and lots of water!

 Village walk 3

As I haven’t been able to drive around the village I was not aware of quite how bad the village has been affected, it was a very sad sight to see, and I really feel for all the poor people affected.


Part of Rocky’s education is meeting things which may be scary, showing him that they are in fact, not scary.


So yesterday we ventured out to meet the flooding and the associated barriers, sand bags and water pumps, with a few extras thrown in too!


Rocky likes to go out, he is such an inquisitive boy and likes to explore.

 Rocky walk

The first thing we met (apart from traffic, which he is absolutely fine with), was a “Road Closed” sign, having never met one of these, I did question if he would be afraid, but I shouldn’t have, as all he did was see if it was edible!

Village walk 2


This seemed to be the running theme for the entire walk, we walked through the water which was knee high in places (I was obviously very careful and would not have gone where it was dangerous for us), at one point we were wandering through the water and a van drove through the other side creating a wave, I braced myself for the “catch the horse in your arms as it leaps in the air” moment, but once again, rocky was more interested in playing in the water!


The sandbags we met only served to be boring, as did water pumps and the fast flowing water under the bridge.

Village walk 1


You will see his reactions to some of these in these video clips I took, just to show how chilled he was!


On the way home there was a mini digger pulling up an old tree, the men very kindly switched the machines off, but I asked them to keep going, and we stood and watched, the noise produced by the machines were enough to put any horse off, but rocky just stood looking inquisitively!


Rocky appears to have his own little fan club in the village now too, there were lots of people working on their properties, and everyone came to say hello to him, remarking how inquisitive and well behaved he was. One old lady actually came out of her house to see him, saying she couldn’t resist!


I can honestly say yesterday was a fabulous education for Rocky, and what was even better was that he took it all in his stride.

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful boy.




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