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Sharon Johnson Equestrian - in the Media.

From time to time, you might see Sharon Johnson Equestrian in the media. Here are a few cuttings for your interest.


Horse & Hound Social Media Post of The Week Winner - January 2020  H&H Social Media Winner

Following a freezing few days, I spontaneaoulsy filmed my husband having an "issue" getting the wheelbarrow to the stables. Horse & Hound thought us worthy winners! 













Local Rider mag

 Local rider magazine - February 2012

 In the February issue of Local Rider magazine, our press release regarding rider sponsorship was picked up again. It was another one of those moments where you're flicking through a magazine, and suddenly you're looking at yourself! 










Andover Ad sponsorship piece

Andover Advertiser - 30 December 2011

As you may have gathered by now, December was a rather busy month for us by all accounts! We finished the year on a really good note as this piece about our sponsorship announcement was printed in the Andover Advertiser, our local newspaper. We were really pleased to see this printed, as we have many clients in and around the area. Hopefully in 2012 we might have a few more stories to share.







HandH sponsorship announcement

Horse and Hound website - December 2011

Our sponsorship announcement was picked up on the Horse and Hound website in the trade news section - much to our delight!  

If you would like to see the full article you can do so by following this link.










Your Horse articleYour Horse Magazine website - December 2011

Following the announcement of our winner for the sponorship offer in 2012, we submitted the story to some relevant media outlets. We were very excited to find that Your Horse Magazine had posted the story on their website.

If you would like to read the full story, you can do so by following this link.






Horse & Rider Horse & Rider Magazine - December 2011

 In December 2011, we were featured in Horse & Rider magazine's ' Ariat Inspiration of the Month.'

 I was nominated without any knowledge of having been put forward, so it was certainly unexpected!

 After receiving a phone call to tell me, I dashed to the shop to buy a copy, and there it was!

 I was very proud to have been selected, and most pleased with my stylish new Ariat Chaps and boots.

Horse & Hound





Horse and Hound - November 2011

On the right is an extract of a letter I wrote having read the comments on the subject of draw reins.

As someone who has seen draw reins used both in the right and wrong ways, and feeling quite strongly about this, I felt compelled to add to the debate and give a balanced view.  

Much to my surprise, the letter was printed that week in Horse and Hound - and here's the evidence!





Children In Need ride

Look North - November 2008

This photo is of me and Pippa, my head girl, taking part in a 25 mile sponsored ride to raise money for Children In Need. We were posing to have our pictures taken for the local media.

Between us we managed to raise in the region of £1,000, and were featured on Look North, as well as being plastered over all the local newspapers! We managed to create a bit of stir, and all it took was 2 people and 2 horses dressed up as Pudsey!





Paper cutting


The Gainsborough Standard - Early 1990's

This was a feature in the local paper where I lived at the time.

Mr Sands was an early advocate of keeping bridleways open and in use - something that is still being talked about today - and he used to hold treks across them for the locals to enjoy, setting up his own home made jumps along the routes.

The photo is of me riding my horse at the time, Brandy.