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SJE is looking for a rider to sponsor for 2024!

(January 03, 2024)

New Opportunity for 2024…

 Sponsorship Poster

Do you want to be sponsored for 2024? YES? Well-read on…


SJE has sponsored riders of all levels over the years, but has recently had a break, but the opportunity is now back!

This is an opportunity to receive a FREE lesson once per month, with discounts available to all clinics and further lessons throughout the year, branded clothing for you and your horse along with a detailed goal setting plan and mind setting to ensure we make progress.


A package worth almost £1000!


Some Questions I am guessing you have already…

  • Is this just for professionals? NO!
  • Do I have to be competing at affiliated level? NO!
  • What if I don’t have the funds to go out competing regularly? Well, we document the training and boost the times you can go out. This would be discussed at the final stage.
  • What happens if I win and my horse goes off sick? Again, we have other options to document other areas of horsemanship.
  • Is this really for me? Well, only you know that, but having sponsored riders from all disciplines, ages and abilities, every rider has enjoyed their sponsorship, and some led them onto other things too!
  • Do I have to pay anything? Yes, just for arena hires as necessary (like we do normally) any further training or anything not included in the package which you may want to do.
  • Do I have to already be an SJE client? NO!
  • Can I apply if I can only do remote sessions? YES! We can discuss options!


What do I have to do for this?

  • Be committed to the goals we set
  • Receive training at least 3 x monthly
  • Be happy to be involved in social media posts, including “guest appearances” (Don’t panic, you aren’t being filmed for TV!)
  • Be proud to wear the branded clothing at every opportunity
  • Promote the SJE ethos, training, care and management of your horse
  • Be happy to appear at any events which may require a demonstration of exercises etc
  • Compete as regularly as agreed at the final stage


So, there you have it, a whole year’s package which starts once the selected rider is chosen.


How do you apply?

Easy! Simply send an email to [email protected] stating your interest, you and your horses details (ages, abilities, successes etc etc) and anything you think YOU can offer SJE. It is as easy as that!


Entries CLOSE 31/1/24 at 12pm. Any entry received after this won’t be accepted.

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