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Update on charges.

(January 28, 2024)

Apologies! An update on charges for training...


I can't quite believe where time goes, after receiving the annual updates for Insurance, memberships etc, and sitting down and looking in depth at the running costs of SJE, sadly there has had to be a small (yes small!) increase to charges for coaching. 

It would appear that this is something across the industy now, speaking to fellow coaches, who like myself have to shell out a significant amount of money simply to coach each year, we have all been hit hard after COVID and although thankfully the overheads of a riding school don't apply to my business, the freelancing doesn't come cheap. 

I looked at various options of how to redirect some of the overhead requirements, but after juggling it was necessary to add a small charge to the 2022 prices to keep surviving.

There has also been an update to services I offer, with grooming now removed from the list, this is just not a viable option anymore. 

The new list of prices/services can be viewed here.

These small increases are immediate, all current booked AND PAID FOR sessions are unaffected, this is for any NEW bookings.


Thank you to you all for your understanding, sorry once again!

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