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We have a WINNER!

(February 01, 2024)

We have a Winner for the sponsorship for 2024!

 Navy Blue Gold Medal Winner Congratulation Message Instagram Post


After receiving literally loads and loads of applications for the opportunity to become SJE’s Sponsored Rider, and reading every single one in depth over and over, it is with delight I can announce the winner…

Philippa has ticked all the boxes for the opportunity and after much deliberating, which included sharing the applications with a very trusted friend just to ensure I didn’t miss any detail for all the applications, we settled on Philippa.


The level of applications was massive, with such a diverse range of applications from riders of every level, and I am humbled that so many riders wanted to work with me.

To ensure no one walks away with nothing, please ensure you check your email inboxes as there is something in there for you 😊

A huge thank you to all applicants, and I hope you enjoy watching Philippa’s progress over the next 12 months.


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