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Pepsy has been sold!

(June 26, 2010)
I heard the terrible news last night that Pepsy, my missing horse, has actually been sold!
The company dealing with his dissaperance made contact with Lucy who loaned him, she admited yesterday that she sold him on, if that is not bad enough, she only got £500 for him, all his tack, his shetland pony friend and its accompanying items! What an insult!!!!
Well, having picked myself up from the floor, I contacted lucy myself, via email, she does not answer her phone! She was very sorry and knows it was illegal what she did, but as he was costing her money, she claimed bankruptcy and sold my horse!!!
I am waiting for the police to get back to me with where we go from here, is it too much to ask, all I want is my boy home, safe and sound so he can live the rest of his life in comfort and safe in the knowledge that the situation he has been in will NEVER EVER happen again.
I will keep you posted on further developments...

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