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Death of the stars

(October 13, 2010)
It is with great sadness that I have to inform you all that following 2 weeks of pure hell, both, yes both, Eric and Pepsy had to be put down.
Eric had suffered with navicular disease for a few years and with correct shoeing, training, feeding and care, we kept it at bay for what seems like an eternity, however following copious amounts of bute, almost daily vet visits, and a final "we really can't do any more" it was with much regret that Eric was put to sleep to end his suffering at 2pm on the 24th September 2010. R.I.P. Eric, you will be very badly missed. xx
Following the finding Pepsy saga, he was never truly sound, this is through neglegent care from previous people. When pepsy was 8yrs he underwent a neurectomy (de-nerving) of both his fore feet due to degenerative joint disease (DJD) or artheritis as we would normally know it. Pepsy's feet had always caused problems with lameness so to discover his feet overgrown and in a bad way when we found him, it was going to be a long fight against the odds to recover the feet he had gone away with. However, this proved to be a fight we couldn't win, Pepsy went down hill rapidly around the same time as Eric was also suffering, (they say it never rains eh??) and even through 8 satchets of bute, intravenous injections via my excellent vet, my farrier performing miracles, we had to face the fact that Pepsy was suffering and it was getting worse. So we had to again make a seriously heartbreaking discision to put him to sleep too. Pepsy was sent to be with Eric at 2.30pm on 4th October 2010. R.I.P. Pepsy. You too will be sorely missed. xx
If losing one horse in a lifetime is not bad enough, to lose both your boys in such a very short space of time is devastating, I have a very big hole in my heart now, lets hope that as they say, time can heal.

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