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Competitions coming soon...

(August 21, 2011)

So again, the mind has been over active, and following a request from a client, I am going to try and run a dressage competition for EVERY level rider!


This is going to be a low key, but formal, event, mainly designed to give everyone a chance to show off some new skills, or review their own progress made so far.


I would like to see a good turnout for these "shows", including plaits and smart (not necessarily show gear) wear, also a large number of clients!


I am organising British Dressage score sheets, and special rosettes including a sash for the winners, so please support these "shows" as I will be promoting it with pictures and hopefully videos for the website. I may also hire a professional photographer if we have enough entries.


Not 100% sure of the venues yet, however, they will be fairly local to aid ease of transport for those of you with no wheels!


If you would like any further information, PLEASE just ask me, theses competitions are for YOU!!!


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