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Continued sponsorship

(February 08, 2013)

We have recently renewed our sponorship with last years rider Nicola Strong.

As you may remember 2012 was rather a wash out, both with the weather and with the mismatched pairing of Nicki and Willo, after a lot of soul searching Nicki sold willo and was without a ride after her young mare, Ruby, had other ideas about becoming an eventer just yet and had to have physio and further investigations for ongoing one sidedness, despite all our training efforts.

So, here we are in 2013, after a lot of thought i decided to extend the sponsorship to , well, try again!

So we are about to embark on stage 2 of Team Kilminster and with the purchase of a new horse, a lovely thoroughbred, we are aiming to get out and about again.

Watch this space!

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