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FREELANCE Price list
 ( Before booking, please read the T's & C's, see bottom of page or click here)
Private lessons Including Travel                                                         
  • 50 mins £35.00
  • 30 mins £28.00
Shared (2 riders) Inlcuding Travel
  • 1hr       £25.00 Per Person
  • 45 mins £22.00 Per Person
Groups (up to 4 riders of approx the same level) Including Travel
  • 1hr         £22.50Per person
  • 40 mins £21.00Per Person

Schooling/Exercising  Including Travel- Times noted are for the exercise time, time added for catching, tacking up etc will be plus these prices at a rate of £3.00 per 15 minutes.

  • 1hr Hack £35.00
  • 1/2hr Hack £25.00
  • Schooling £40.00
  • Lungeing 20 minutes £20.00



Training at Homestead Farm:

Private Lesson:

  • 45 mins £30.00
  • 30 mins £25.00

Shared (2 riders same time, riders need to be approx same level).

  •  1hr      £24.00 each
  • 3/4hr    £20.00 each

Group (max 4 riders)

  • 1 hr        £20.00 each
  • 40 mins £17.00 each


  • £40.00 ridden
  • £30.00  Other.


(Please note that arena hire charges are plus the price of the clincs, which are changeable depending on the venue.)
  •    £25.00 per rider plus arena hire fee.

Yard Teaching.


If you are based on a yard where a few riders also want training, I can offer you a reduced rate.

£33.00 each for 2 riders

£30.00 each for 3 riders

£28.00 each for 4 riders

£25.00 each  for 5 riders or more

These prices are based on 45 minute lessons only and the lessons have to be consecutive.

If you want to do 30 minutes or if a rider drops out, the charges will be adjusted as appropriate. (the 30 minutes being charged at standard rate for freelance private).



For our courses and training weekends, please see our events page and click on the relevant course you are interested in.

 Prices stated are from September 2013

Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions BEFORE booking your sessions, when you book you are agreeing to all T's & C's. Click HERE to read.


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