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  1. Reviewing Nettex Tastylyx...

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    Nettex Tastylyx..

    Rocky has been trialling these brand new Tastylyx from his favourite supporters Nettex, here is what we thought...

    The first thing to notice about these new licks are that the lick comes in a very easy to open pack, unlike some other types of lick which you need scissors and degree in physics to open!! The packaging on the tastylyx have been really thought about as all you do is take the top off, turn upside down, tap it and voila there is the lick! Genius!

    On opening the aroma of the Mint lick was intense, so much so it made our mouths water, never mind Rocky’s! tastylyx_mint_front

    They are also available in Carrot and Apple flavour too! Yum!

    The second bonus is that it fits into the conventional holders of other types of lick too, so you don’t have to purchase a specially made one.

    Tastylyx are ideal to help prevent boredom or simply used as a reward for being good!

    They are also made from natural ingredients too, another bonus!

    Overall Rocky is one very happy horse with his new Tastylyx and can’t wait to try the other flavours! 


    Available in these great flavours too....

    tastylyx_apple_front      Apple                                                                                        Carrottastylyx_carrot_front

  2. Review of Aspen Boots

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    Review of Shires Equestrian Aspen Boots...

    After suffering wet soggy cold feet for the hundredth time this autumn i decided it was time to invest in a new pair of yard boots.

    I didn’t want wellies or riding boots, just a pair of warm waterproof ankle length boots.

    Searching through various catalogues and reading various reviews, I decided to try out the Aspen boots as they are excellent value at an RRP of just £54.99, advertised as warm and waterproof (ticks all my boxes!) and have faff free laced so no fiddling when you have cold fingers.

    The boots arrived and immediately I fell in love! They were so cosy! The soles are not bulky and although I haven’t ridden in them, I can see how they would give you good feel to the stirrup, equally they are not thin so you feel every small pebble you stand on. The ankles are super soft and yet supportive. The laces are an elastic draw string design, which provides a very adaptable fit and are so easy to do up!

    These boots have been a fabulous purchase, and have done exactly what they say they do, kept my feet warm and dry!


    Aspen Boots