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  1. Review of Nettex Hoof Gloss..

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    Nettex Hoof Gloss..

    Having used traditional hoof oils and lotions and potions for the show ring for many years, some more successfully than others, it was a refreshing change to try something different, a spray gloss!

    As Rocky has 3 white hoofs and 1 black it has always been a case of applying different coloured oils to blend in, but with the gloss it doesn’t matter as it does all colours! Yipee!

    There is also the advantage that if the spray gets on the hair, as oils always seem to do, it doesn’t leave a mark or discolour it. Hoof Spray

    The shine it provides is not an “in your face” type shine that I have seen with some products before, the shine is more like a highly polished hoof wall.

    Happily the gloss doesn’t attract grass clippings or arena surface which sticks like glue either! 

    Overall, a very easy to use, economical and practical,highly recommended addition to all showing kits!



  2. Nettex Tack Cleaning Wipes

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    Nettex Tack Cleaning Wipes..

    We were very kindly provided with the Tack Cleaning Wipes before our last show for which I was left wondering why I had never used them before!

    Initially I thought that a wipe would never compare to a “proper” clean, and me being “Mrs Clean tack of Clean Ville”, always cleaning my tack after every use, all I can say is I am now eating my thoughts!

    The wipes come in a very handy tub, just like baby wipes, simply pull out what you need, in my case one wipe was sufficient for Rocky’s saddle, tack_cleaning_wipes_50_0being tough enough to scrub if necessary to get stubborn marks off without the wipe tearing apart.

    As we were showing, the wipes were invaluable for that last minute wipe before entering the ring, as they meant not having to find the sponge and soap as previously done, and leave the tack with a natural shine. They don’t leave a greasy residue on either your hands or the tack, an added bonus when at shows!  

    The wipes were also used to wipe over my boots too as they can be used on all types of leather, making them extra useful!

    Added neatsfoot oil also means that the leather receives a nourishing treatment too, something a lot of other wipes don’t add, meaning that you are not stripping your leather of its suppleness. Plus an added antibacterial agent to help reduce the chance of germs being spread, if for any reason the tack is shared.  Two very useful additions to an already great product!

    These wipes have become a firm member of my tack cleaning cabinet and my showing box, and cannot recommend them highly enough.